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Timeline of art styles of Scott Hutchison
My work has changed a lot over the years. The reason it has varied so greatly is due to the non-linear experiential way in which I learned this craft as well as a need to keep my work personally exciting. Some artists work in the same style or approach to painting over decades. However, I need to tinker, experiment and get myself into trouble. It is as much about the discovery and the journey as it is the end result. To put it simply, before I begin I always ask myself:


"What am I trying to say, and what is the most important element(s) in this image?"


This is often the deciding factor in my choice of medium and the approach I take with the work. I am an artist because art is difficult. It changes and complicates me. Art has taught me that I must be willing to adapt and evolve. For me art is a moving target - engaging, intellectual and necessary.


 © Scott Hutchison