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I was twelve when I first saw Francis Bacon's Study after Velasquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X at the Des Moines Art center. After thirty years I still see his influence on my work. My figurative work like Bacon's are often solitary and displayed in a series. Our compositions are both haunting and distorted; influenced by the progression of time and the motion of the figure. The visual representation of movement and time's effect on the human form is vital to my work.  In my paintings and drawings I distort time by overlapping various moments together in one composition.
My paintings and drawings are created and conceived by combining the use of photography, animation techniques, projections, and digital manipulation to create multifaceted figures that appear to move and animate. One painting may consist of four or five different time frames.  Like overlapping echoes, a figure may merge into another or become a haunting monstrous abstraction.  My paintings and drawings are extensions of my animations where the viewer is presented with multiple time frames at once. In this way, my paintings and drawings illustrate the idea that the ego is in constant flux. Life is a series of ever changing events and time in its infinite step changes us.