• Twist by Scott Hutchison Finished
  • The Corner of Twist by Scott Hutchison
  • Detail of the painting called twist by Scott Hutchison
  • Photo and easel of Twist once finished
  • Scott Hutchison's Painting Twist in the Beginning
  • Pallet of colors used for Twist

5.5" x 6.25"
Oil on Maple Wood Block

This piece contains two poses of two different figures. I am exploring new ways to abstract and complicate the figure. The overall effect of using two different individuals as the subject allows me the freedom to experiment with the compositional structure and play with the space. Using multiple figures also adds a new layer to the psychological impact of the piece and suprises come into view. The most suprising and difficult aspect to this piece for me during the painting was the color. I typically use cool colors in the shadows and warm colors in the lights, however this piece those are reversed.