• Scott Hutchison - Squeezed - Portrait Drawing of Scanned Face
This Portrait is a study for the painting with the same name. You can see the identical painting here. This drawing is based on a sequence of digital scans taken of my face. The smearing and smudging of the skin is the effect of moving my face while the scanner is running. It is purposeful but the shapes and digital tearing was random. The image is then digitally enhanced, cropped and melded together from multiple scans. I spend quite a bit of time with the digital aspect of the piece before it's ready to paint or draw.
Squeezed is a good example of how my current body of work is a direct result of my experience with animation and the fact that it requires many multiple images to create one second of video. Though Squeezed is not a moving image, I am still using a sequence of images and movement to create the composition.

  • 20"x30"
  • Graphite on Fabariano Paper