• Painting of a woman with hands protruding from her back titled "Metamorphosis"
  • First layer of a painting of a woman with hands protruding from her back titled "Metamorphosis"
  • The unfinished first color layer of "Metamorphosis" directly applied over the graphite drawing
  • The initial graphite drawn layer of "Metamorphosis"


This realistic and surreal figure painting is on aluminum (Dibond). The blue and green faces of the main figure appear contemplative, yet behind her is a set of disembodied hands reaching toward the light and casting shadows on her form and the background. I designed this piece to fit into a round composition called a Tondo. The figure is meant to feel compressed and guided by its tight border. At the same time, the hands that gesture outward display a mood all their own.  


Swipe through the images to see my painting process. I often begin with a graphite drawing, then apply an initial underpainting layer. This is thinned with Liquin and applied as one monotone color, or multiple colors that directly relate to the final piece. To see more of my painting process and additional updates join me on Instagram.

  • 26" diam
  • Oil on Aluminum
  • Unframed

Painting on the hands. #scotthutchison #oilpainting #fineart #contemporaryart #artoninstagram #artcollector

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