• The final layer of the double portrait painting titled Entwined by Scott Hutchison
  • The second layer of the double portrait painting titled "Entwined" by Scott hutchison
  • The underpainting of "Entwined" done in thin layers of oil

21.5" x 20"
Oil on Panel

This surrealistic double portrait painting is on wood panel. The expression on her face and her pose is meant to be open for interpretation. Her hands appear to be exploring her face, holding it in place, or even perhaps removing it. What do you see? Does the double portrait symbolize a twin or inner self?  This painting is a metaphor for the proverbial mask we all wear when interacting with the world. 
Swipe through the images to see my painting process. I always start with an underpainting. This thinly applied underpainted layer may be one monotone layer of color, or multiple colors that directly relate to the final piece. To see more of my painting process and additional updates join me on Instagram.