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Solo Exhibition - Synchronicity - Hillyer Art Space

Scott Hutchison - Hillyer Arts Space Postacard
Recent Paintings by Scott Hutchison
at the Hillyer Art Space
Reception on Friday, September 2nd from 6-9pm
Location: 9 Hillyer Ct NW, 20008 Washington DC
Hillyer Art Space presents three new exhibitions opening on September’s 
First Friday, featuring Scott HutchisonSuzi Fox, and Christian Brahe.
Hutchison presents “Synchronicity” a series of paintings that start with the use of a combination of photography, digital collage, animation and projections to create multifaceted figures that appear to move and animate, each painting consisting of four or five different poses and time frames that create echoes of a figure that merge into another or become a haunting monstrous abstraction - appearing to be trapped between an important decision and a solitary disquieting moment. 
Fox's "Handmade" is a series of new sculptures that explore her reinterpretations of common manmade objects and techniques of building forms by hand. The resulting sculptures are infused with humor and playful explorations of materials but throughout the work Fox explores ideas about gender roles and self-reflection. 
Brahe's "Accumulations" is a series of large scale drawings that are based upon his immediate surroundings, the images exist as record of physical, psychological, and spatial navigations: amalgamations of thousands of individual moments of consciousness. The drawings map day-to-day, month-to-month, and often seasonal changes manifested within a given space: the natural fluctuations of light, the shuffling of objects, and the shifting of Brahe's own physical proximity and perspective.