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What to do when your art fails

Scott Hutchison's Drawing called Hold - He hates this piece.
There I have said it. I submit. This piece is a mistake and is positively awful.
Okay, so this is not the end of the road. But it is a guide post that should lead somewhere new. Right? I roll my eyes and keep telling myself that. Failure comes from leaps of faith and taking necessary risks in order to move forward. The vertict is still out with this one though.
The culprit is the drawing above.  I have spent 20+ hours on this drawing and frankly, it needs to burn. What happened? It fails in so many ways. You may or may not see it but I will explain. Firstly, it is drawn sloppily. Second and most importantly is that the imagery is tacky. Third, it does not stand up to my personal quality test. It is labored and has an overworked feel when you see it upon close inspection. Fourth? It lacks conviction, the image is just too timid.
So, I have stared at the piece for a few hours - not exaggerating - and thought hard about it. Heck, I have even begun to write this article in the hopes of salvaging it in some way. I will update this article when/if this drawing changes. But until then? I will leave you with a list of random things I could possibly do with it.
Timed 2 minute list:  READY SET GO!


Burn it
Poor water on it and let the cold weather outside freeze it over night and photograph
Cut holes into it
Shred it (then reassemble or put it in bottles)
Film myself in front of it in the same poses
Add color
Collage over it
Abandon it in a trash bin
Glue it to a trash bin
Fold it into something cool - make a great airplane perhaps?
Photograph it and try to get it in a gallery show as a joke at first,  then abstract it and try to get it into a different show, then change it once more and try to get it accepted into another show, then change it again.. On and on.. This would be my lifes' work.
Dig a hole and bury it
Make a flag out of it
Make a kite out of it
Shoot holes in it
Spit spitballs on it
Use it as a giant spit ball
Tear it up and put it in plastic eggs for kids to find then reassemble
Dart board

times up...
*This article does not offer solutions to an art fail. It IS however a view into my thought process, a view into my world and an outlet for my frustrations. Perhaps too it will help you to know that not everything you do will be GREAT. It's okay. Dang it!