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Birds - Graphite Pencil Triptych

Birds - digital collage - drawing
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Below is a combination of thoughts and images showing my journey forward on the triptych called "Birds" The image above illustrates what the final piece will look like when I am finished. It is a digital collage put together with about 10 layers of images and 4 photos in photoshop.  It is my sketch and helps guide me compositionally.

But lets start at the beginning: I began this drawing with the intention of completing one drawing on a sheet of 22" x 30" Fabriano paper. You can see the first layer of the drawing below.

Birds - Layer 2 - by Scott Hutchison

Initially the piece was to compositionally end here. One figure with a birds nest in her hair.  However something did not sit right with me. Though I quite like the pose and the mood of the composition, I wanted a greater conflict within the piece and to create a sense of wonder and mystery for the viewer. It is this wonderment, discovery and curiosity that keeps me creating, painting and drawing day in and day out. With these thoughts in mind I came up with the idea of adding more birds.

Many more birds. . .

Birds - Sketch - by Scott Hutchison

I like the movement so far and the variety of scale in the birds. I must be honest though that it is a little daunting thinking about drawing 100 birds. I will post more as the piece grows.

-Scott Hutchison


2014 JUNE UPDATE: You can get a sense of scale:

Birds - Sketch - by Scott Hutchison