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Boar Dog Fox - Graphite Still Life

Graphite drawing still life of skulls.

Scott Hutchison's graphite drawing - Boar Dog Fox - Thumbnail
Stilllife, Drawings


Relic - Still Life Collage



The child’s shoes are placed perfectly upon the shelf with her feet now above them. This juxtaposition visually represents time, growing up and the loss of innocence.
Children's shoes sometimes appear in other works of mine over the years. They can carry a psychological weight that I find appealing. Such as in one of my drawings called: "Empty".

22" x 30"
Graphite on Fabriano Paper

Relic by Scott Hutchison - Graphite drawing of hanging feet and shoes - Thumbnail
Figures, Stilllife, Drawings


Sacred - Still Life of My Past

“Sacred” is a still life created from discarded objects. The objects chosen for the composition have no personal meaning outside this arrangement. Ironically, by combining the objects they are transformed and appear “Sacred” and obtain a sense of purpose. 
Sacred by Scott Hutchison - Charcoal still life drawing with book and altar - Thumbnail