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Community Canvas - Public Art Project at The Art League

Scott Hutchison Community Canvas Public Art Project at the Art League
The Art League asked me to come up with an interactive public art project to help commemorate their 60th Anniversary. It was a puzzle mural that anyone could take part in. In January 2014 anyone could walk into the gallery and work on a supplied puzzle piece and add it to the wall. These are photos of the piece being created. You can see there are drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc. I have been told that the Community Cnvas will be reassembled later this year in a new location.


Identity - Social Networking Self Portrait

The Proposal:  You have my name. Or am I just borrowing yours? You see our name or use Scott Hutchison on a daily basis. People you interact with, friends, family and acquaintances all understand our name to be YOURS.


Digital Media Collaboration - Koshari

Scott Hutchison Collaboration with Koshari

The images here are from a CD release party for the Washington DC band Koshari.  This was a collaboration between Koshari, Scott Hutchison and Collier Hyams (Lead band member of 50 Man Machine).  Collier and Scott produced the images and movies that were projected over the band while performing.


Digital Media Collaboration - 50 Man Machine

Scott Hutchison Collaboration with 50 Man Machine

The images here are from a performance by me and the band 50 Man Machine at Witlows on Wilson in Clarendon Virginia on Thursday the 31st of May 2012.