• An oval portrait painting surrounded by nine hands
  • Detail of Medusa's colorful hands by her shoulder
  • Detail of Medusa's hands under her chin.
  • Detail of Medusa's hands clasped together above her face.
  • Detail of Medusa's purple hand in her hair.
  • The second layer of the oil painting titled "Medusa"
  • The second layer of the oil painting titled "Medusa"
  • The finished underpainting of Medusa by Scott Hutchison
  • The initial drawing of Medusa by Scott Hutchison
Medusa was my first attempt at composing a painting on an oval surface. This fantastically painted surrealistic piece contains my signature style of realism. The colors I used to describe the light and volume of the figure are vibrant and sharp. This haunting composition focuses in on the face surrounded by hands that pull, melt and protrude from her form. I composed the hands and fingers in such a way that they almost seem alive. Like the snakes in Medusa's hair.  Watch a quick video that I posted to Instagram as I paint the first layer below.


Swipe through the images to see my painting process. I often begin with a graphite drawing, then apply an initial underpainting layer. This is thinned with Liquin and applied as one monotone color, or multiple colors that directly relate to the final piece. To see more of my painting process and additional updates join me on Instagram.

  • 18" x 24"
  • Oil on Aluminum
  • Unframed