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Identity - Social Networking Self Portrait

The Proposal:  It is my understanding that you have my name. Or am I just borrowing yours? You see our name or use Scott Hutchison on a daily basis. People you interact with, friends, family and acquaintances all understand our name to be YOURS.

But what is in a name? I would argue that it is intertwined and integral to your sense of self. By no means is a name a reflection of your self, or the defining factor in who you are. I can safely assume that every Scott Hutchison is a unique individual and likely very different from one another. Yet we have a deep and rare connection that other people do not. Our name.

Who am I? This Scott Hutchison ( I ) am a visual artist currently living and working in Virginia, USA. The central theme to most of my painting and drawing for the last 8 years has been the self. I have purposely imposed limitations in my work and focused primarily with variations on my face. However, I would like to expand on this idea and I propose a collaboration with all the Scott Hutchisons I can find in coming together to make a different type of self portrait.  It would be a multi-faceted drawn, animated portrait of multiple Scott Hutchisons.

Why? This piece deals with the question of self. Who are we?  Is a name important to the individual? Secondly, technology has made the world feel smaller. It changes us and has a profound effect on the individual. In regards to sharing a name with someone else?  I have found 30 plus Scott Hutchisons  online.  I am not sure if this muddies the waters, or clarifies who I am. But I want to investigate and to continue to ask these questions and use my art to illustrate this idea.

What I need: Would you like to take part? IF your name is Scott Hutchison all I would need is the permission to use your likeness and a short bio. SUBMIT YOUR IMAGE WITH THIS FORM

What I am proposing to do with your image you send me?

Drawing: I will be drawing your portrait in graphite on a sheet of 20" x 24" Fabrianno paper. See the image on the left as an example. The drawings will be marketed in shows nationally for the 2014-2015 calendar year. If I show a drawing of you, I will display a short bio of you next to your image.

Animation: I will also scan the drawings and digitize them; creating a movie that will randomly mix-up all our mouths, eyes and noses. All the Scott Hutchisons will be reorganized into new faces in this movie.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, and thanks for reading.

- Scott Hutchison ( The one and only )