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Drawing Marathon - The Art League

Scott Hutchison - Drawing Marathon Demo

Today, the Art League held a drawing marathon. The marathon was a benefit to raise funds for additional classrooms that are being built for next session. $30 dollars went a long way at this event. It paid for a full day (10am - 10pm ) of models and art instruction. The Art League supplied quite a few models and a number of instructors were giving demonstrations if you wished to watch. 

As an instructor at the Art League I was invited to come to the event and do a free 2 hour drawing demonstration. I wish I had more documentation of the event and the process I used to draw this piece. The photos here are the results of the 2 hour pose.

The drawing is on Canson paper. I began the under layer or sketch with vine charcoal. It is an easily erasable charcoal, perfect for finding anatomy and proportions. Next, I applied the shadows and highlights with a black and white conte pencil. The conte pencils kept the piece from looking overworked or blended. Two hours is not very long, so I tried to retain a lot of the paper as a middle tone. I did little blending, instead I used the linear nature of the pencils and the parallel line systems ( or hatch ) to add movement, energy and direction of the form. The final bright lights were done with conte crayon. Hope you enjoy the images.

- Scott

Scott Hutchison @ The Art LeagueScott Hutchison @ The Art League