Figure and Portrait Update

We are going to be holding a critique on the 23rd of this month and I will post some images of the finished paintings then. Each student has two paintings we will be looking at. The Portrait from photo ( Demo for this project is here ) and a large 6 session painting of 2 figure models from life ( Demo here ).

These paintings could not be more different and it is wonderful to see how each student approaches and adapts to each of the projects’ parameters.

Portrait Paintings: The portrait painting is from photo and the majority of the painting is done outside the classroom. This piece is meant to offset and supplement the life painting.  The use of a photo allows the student to take more time on the drawing, color mixing and paint application. I am looking for a more “finished” or rendered painting. It will likely have a more layered studio look yet hopefully it will be influenced by the life model painting they are working on in the image below.

Life Model Paintings: This is an image of the six session life model painting. This image was taken after 2 sessions. I describe this type of painting as “the sum of many poses”. Try as we might the pose will be different each time. Lots of prep and tape is used to get the models back into the same position. However, it is the strength of the initial drawn under-painting that really effects the success of the piece. It is best if the painter does not need to continually redraw and chase the figure as it changes from day to day. Instead, you want to use your drawing (under-painting) and the figure becomes a reference for color and the painted mark.

painting and figure from life