The Call for Entry - Finding Gallery Shows.

Overlap on Display in New York City at The Brooklyn Art Space

This page is a list of websites that may help visual artists find calls for shows around the country. The purpose of this list is not to be all inclusive and list every local art center and gallery out there. Instead I envision this page as a list to help me* as well as an artist interested in gaining National and International exposure through a broader list of Call for Entry Sites, Slide Registries, Galleries, Museums, Universities and Art Centers.  There are a number of FREE call for entry lists out there. I can NOT recommend using a site that requires a fee due to the number of FREE sites out there at your disposal. I will do my best to let you know if the sites on the list below requires a membership fee.

Deadlines Lists:
CollegeArtAssociation (Limited Free version ) (Limited Free version) (For Filmmakers and Screenwriters)




* I have been an actively showing artist for roughly 20 years. I have had shows in most venues available to an artist including, commercial , non-traditional, museums, Art Centers and Universities. The only place I have not shown my work is in a local retail space (coffee or Frame shop) and Art Fairs.